Burning Man 2022: Waking Dreams

Psychedelic Speaker Series on Playa


Thursday, Sept 1 – Saturday, Sept 3, 2022
6:00pm – 7:00pm Pacific, Nightly


Located at the All-One Foam Dome: 2:30 & F

Psychedelic-Inspired Dialogues


We are generations, coming together to share positive change. 

We may belong to different generations, but we are the individuals whose lives have been transformed through entheogenic experiences. 

We are those who are embodying and seeking collaboration by living in a new paradigm of the psychedelic renaissance.


10 Principles of Burning Man Immediacy James Wickham
Immediacy, one of the Ten Principles of Burning Man
Symbol Art by James Wickham
Burning Man 10 Principles Gifting James Wickham
Gifting, one of the Ten Principles of Burning Man
Symbol Art by James Wickham

Burning Man…
And Beyond.

How do we, as a community, take our collective entheogenic realizations and embody psychedelic integration through positive change in the areas of personal, relational, global and cosmic impact?

Integrating what entheogenic experiences have inspired by transforming our hearts and minds, and bringing our unique gifts to the world through acts of compassion and service.

We’re curious how psychedelics help us evolve – as a community, and as humanity.


Presented by

Zendo Project

The Zendo Project is proud to present EntheoGeneration – a psychedelic speaker series that examines how we can integrate our collective psychedelic experiences and wisdom into positive action for collective planetary transformation.

Community Focus

This year’s conversation will focus on the importance of community to ensure accountability, integration, and stewardship of our smaller pods as well as the global approach of humanity as a species. Through this diversity, we hope to share the collective intelligence, insights, and intuitions with our audience to inspire a hopeful and obtainable future.


Burning Man Zendo Project Logo Psychedelic Peer Support

Revolution ↔ Evolution

Regenerating heaven on earth by Amanda Sage, transforming urban into oasis, burning man village
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller

Architect, Inventor, Philosopher

Burning man fractal culture, visionary art by Jessica Perlstein, burning man experience into eco-oasis

sharing values

  • 11 Principles of Burning Man
  • Hope & Inspiration in Uncertain Times
  • Social Justice & Community Resiliency
  • Engagement & Sharing
  • Local action & Regenerative Practices
  • Peer Support & Self Care


promoting growth

  • Resolution, Transformation, Consent
  • Diversity of Perspectives & Philosophies
  • Promoting Connection, Humor, Inspiration
  • Empowering Local Impact
  • Beyond Psychedelics: Integration & Action
  • Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (PLUR)

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